Модельное агентство в Киеве
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Model agency in Kiev.

Welcome to the Guild of beautiful and professional!

  • Do you want to find professional models with attractive appearance and high level of skills?
  • Do you dream to work with models as good as Heidi Klum?
  • Do you aim to make your presentations and exhibitions more efficient and effective?

We are confident that we can help you!

First Guild of Models - is the biggest and the most famous model agency in Kiev. We will bring beauty and professionalism into your business. Our main feature we cooperate not only with models for the podiums, fashion model, but also with a professional exhibition staff, promoters. Model agency « First Guild of Models can provide for you the following services:


We cooperate with the girls models и guys models. Each of them shows up not only a bright appearance but also has an exceptional experience. Models of «FGM» work in the following fields:

A professional photographer and a photo studio

Do you want to hold advertising photography? There is no more extensive search of the photographer and the studio. Choose the model you like and book it directly with us! Studio of «FGM» is equipped with the latest technology. We will complete the most creative task as much as you imagine yourself.


Choose a model, our tailors just take measurements and straight start to sew clothes for a promotional event. Is it comfortable? You bet! You save time and money, because you can order the service on the spot instead of looking for clothing or contacting atelier.

Why is it worth to work with us?

We have a number of unique advantages:

There are no delays, absenteeism, unprofessional approach. You will be satisfied. We are sure you will find a few more beneficial sides of our company by working with us.

  1. A wide range of work. You can choose from ten different personnel specializations;
  2. Over a hundred experienced models. Certainly among of them there is the one who would make your job in the best way. We can help you to find him;
  3. Strict control over the staff.
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