Acting portfolio
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Acting portfolio

Acting portfolio is the hallmark for any actor. This portfolio is designed for directors and casting directors, with which they can clearly understand whether suitable actor for a role.

Currently acting portfolio represents man as he is and show all his best qualities. On these pictures you have to look at your age, and try not to draw attention to some piece of clothing. First of all you need to transfer your character and show the potential for a particular role.
The actor must have as an advertising and theater portfolio.

Advertising portfolio contains photos that show you in the most spectacular way with perfect lighting and a well-chosen makeup. All photos in the advertising portfolio should be positive, bright and eye-catching. Add some photos with your smile so that potential customers have seen how you smile.

Theatrical portfolio reveals the fullness of human nature. Photos can be made in any situation and with a different mood. These pictures can be used for casting in movies and TV series.
How to dress for the shooting of acting portfolio.

For the filming is not necessary to wear the clothes of very bright colors, give up clothes with logos and drawings. Do not overdo it with make-up and hairstyle, best natural makeup and hair everyday.

Choosing photographers of our agency you can be confident in their professionalism. We only work with experienced photographers who not only make you look better, but also fully disclose the full depth of your character and truly show on the photo.

As an actor and model portfolio should contain a photo in full growth and the waist. Do not cover the face, it must be clearly visible. The background preferably in white or black colors.

For men, the best clothing is classic or sports for girls - dresses, skirts, heels. Hair can dissolve or collect. Try to pass as less emotion in photographs, more texture. In casting the first thing define genre affiliation actor and his starring roles. If casting agencies will need to see your emotions, they will cause you to additional casting.

Ten picture matching these requirements is sufficient for each type of portfolio.