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Model for an exhibition booth

The company <> presents you a new service - model for productive work on the exhibition booth <>.

Why do you need this service? Your booth must be hard working every minute to have your product or service be able to bring a lot of interested visitors. Any potential client should not feel deprived. Models for the exhibition booth will help you in these affairs. They will be responsible for:
  • Attracting visitors to the booth;
  • Work at the information desk;
  • Answers to the questions, consulting;
  • Leafleting, distributing of business cards, flyers;
  • Control for availability of the leaflets, business cards, brochures at the booth;
  • Control for proper display of goods;
  • Making coffee, sandwiches, etc.

As we can see, the models have a long list of duties. It is much more than just to stand next to the booth and to smile cutely.

By the way, this false is still present among the heads of the various companies. We hope this information will help you to understand the specific and difficult role of those models better. You can find plenty staff for exhibitions among our staff. There are also the models for the exhibition booths in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities.